LETTER N°24 - June 2020

The five sisters...

My gallery doors are open!
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Hello everybody,

Last week I was at the foundry to do the patina of my new pieces and I finished all the series of "Sous les flocons".
As you know, my bronze sculptures are called Original pieces, which means they are limited in number.

So here are the last ones!


Identical in form, but different,
each one has her own dress.
I chose to keep the spirit of their title, namely "Under the Flakes", by focusing on light shades, from bluish white to deep cream.
I opted for different effects, spotted, brushed, plain...

The possibilities working with patina are huge a and I have already shared with you how I love this step in the creation of my pieces.
Camy sculpture cinq sous les flocons web
" Sous les flocons ", a jewel sculpture.
Size: 5.12 x 5.12 x 5.12 inches
number 8/8, EA I/IV, EA II/IV, EA III/IV et EA IV/IV.


Memo : An "Original" can only be made up into a maximum of 12 copies.
8 shall be numbered 1/8, 2/8 etc.
4 called "artist proof" shall be numbered from EAI/IV to EA IV/IV.
and after...
The end.
Camy casser moule
destruction of the mold


It's you that have the answer!

I hope the summer will allow them to leave my gallery in order to help bring a little serenity to another home!

- - -
When you come to Gordes, remember to send me a little message by e-mail.
In these uncertain times, it's better to check that I'll be there :-)

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