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Newsletter n°9 - Décember 2018

Hello everyone,


This month I am sending you a little winter letter, a snow-coloured letter ;-)

 And what most evokes the whiteness of snow in my workshop is a fabulous material, used in many professions, notably in medicine or building trades.

Today I'll talk to you about plaster, its whiteness, its finesse, its softness and its hardness...

This is « Petit matin ».

She belongs to a theme that is particularly close to my heart, "the sitting  postures", meditative and serene pieces.

White, all dressed in plaster, she will be transformed into bronze soon ! 




"Petit matin" was obtained by a traditional technique, waste-mould casting, in order to get a plaster master-copy from an outline in clay.


This technique is special because during the demoulding process, both the clay model and  plaster mould, are destroyed.


So, you mustn't make a mistake!


Rodin, who mainly worked in clay modelling, included in his staff a group of moulders  who, immediately after the creation of sketches by the Master, made moulds and plaster prints.


The Rodin Museum has made an excellent video that I invite you to watch if this “waste-mould casting “technique interests you.

 Tête de Pierre de Wissant. 




Personally, I use this process to obtain a piece in plaster that I am able to smooth much better than I could with clay !


This is a very useful technique for art pieces with tight shapes.

This piece in plaster, once well-polished, will be smooth and soft to the touch and I will be able to make a quality elastomer mould that will allow for a bronze print.


alt="Camy sculpteur at work"


Sometimes I also create a plaster piece, not by casting it into a mould, but in applying plaster on a framework.

 This technique is a bit constraining because it means thinking deeply  about the construction before starting.

However, it allows the construction of large pieces, relatively light …



This is « Her » created a few years ago:

Framework in wood, paper and polystyrene.


White as snow, real snow!

alt=" Cat's paw in snow"

At the beginning of this year, during the snowy episode in Montpellier,

 my neighbour, Attila the Cat, created a small ephemeral art work...


It shows that strength and delicacy can coexist ! 


 ...I talked to you about my tools and I asked you about your favorite one.  Here is an original toolbox!


A soldering iron for a handyman who transforms everything he touches, a small knife and a plane to cut wood and make toys for children, a hammer for a doctor testing reflexes, tweezers for an embroiderer...


But the most shared, the most appreciated tool is the human body, hands for a doctor, hearing and vocal cords for a soprano... the list is so long!


How sweet it is to not only be a pure spirit!




...I'll talk to you about my sources of inspiration , my tools, my  artistic "coups de cœur",my new ideas ,in short everything which makes up my work and why it still is and always has been a passion for me. 


See you soon !  


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