Newsletter n°7 - october 2018

Hello everyone,


In my previous letter in September, I talked to you about moving from idea to form in a theorical way, so today ...I'll give you an example of it with a little taste of the sea ! 

As a leitmotiv , a form that appears frequently in my work...the wave

 When I'm trying to evoke flexibility and let it go , ripples suggesting waves simply come under my fingers. 

This form, in its undulating and fluid movement, leaves the piece alive and expressive.  


My sculptures need little to express themselves. 

A few lines and the essential must be said.

This form, reduced to a very simple line, induces flexibility, but also power, in a movement that I'm looking for to be the best possible. 


 Below are three of my pieces, three small waves.



 "Comme un roseau"     "Grand éventail"       "L'appel du vide". 


Here is "Sea Lion" a piece that is a couple of years old and with which I particularly identify. 

It is a wave, carnal of course because it exemplifies an animal, but it is above all a form that evokes flexibility and balance. The polished side of bronze adds to the imaginary impression of water and sliding. 




 If I go back in time again, to my early days in sculpture about 20 years ago, I can already find the presence of waves.

Thus the bronze " Volute" , a woman anchored in an infinite winding/ unwinding , plays with this so evocative shape. 


Here are two magnificent ones, beautiful and terrifying at the same time...


  Camille Claudel 's "The wave"

Onyx and bronze, creation 1897. Rodin Museum


And HoKusai 's "great Kanawaga wave"


Printmaking, wood engraving, 1830.

So... a few more again!


Three japanese books recording wave patterns, dated 1903, have recently been reissued. I've found in them, original wave drawings that I find surprisingly modern and particularly inspiring.  




Some people only buy striped ties, only want sheets with geometric designs, while others are lost in their thoughts and do the same little doodles...

And you, what sort of shape attracts you?  


I look forward to hearing yours thoughts...



...I wondered how you felt about the agreement between head and hand...

You have talked to me about music and about the joys of improvisation when your hands run alone on the instrument.

You speak about clinical examinations when the doctor's hands immediatly understand the body's aches.

You talk about floral art and cooking... 


Hensi focillon sums up this major chord extremely well:

" Mind makes hand and hand makes mind "  * 


*  "Eloge de la main " (1934) in La Vie des Formes.

    A short and captivating text !  



..I'll talk to you about my sources of inspiration , my tools, my  artistic "coups de cœur",my new ideas ,in short everything which makes up my work and why it still is and always has been a passion for me. 

See you soon !   


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