Newsletter n°6- September 2018

Hello everyone, 


I am lucky to be both an artist and a gallerist, so I can meet visitors interested in discovering my work. 

The public does not know exploratory steps, groping and questioning, but only the final form of the sculpture in which the sculptor can recognizes himself.  

Many of the questions refer to my creative process.
So Iet me lift the veil...


It all starts with ideas and questions...


 Brain scanner of a sculptor, embellished, with small black clouds removed  ;-)  


Which shape is best to fit my idea?

How to give coherence and meaning to the clay just in front of me ?

And so...what shape is imposing itself on me, right now?


Questions follow on…


 What dimensions ?

Will I cast a bronze or create a single piece in clay?  

Is a pedestal going to be included ?

Will I design it for indoors or outdoors ?


And then, hands grab the clay and move forward... 

Often, answers to all these questions are found in the work process, hands know the answers long before they are clearly formulated by the head ! 




What is great about the creative process, especially with clay, is the great freedom of action.

Everything can change quickly... 

To create is to invent, to experiment and to feel free to think outside the box and to leave the framework set at the beginning.

In my studio, a few years ago, I taped a piece of paper on the wall with these  words :" at this stage , everything can be done" . 

 It reminds me of my freedom :  

 To transform into an idea "the accident" that occurs, to rework completely the sculpture or even to destroy it if necessary. 



I really find myself in this idea and that's what makes creation so exciting!  

If the idea leads to the shape... the emerging shape can also induces an idea.

Both are intimately linked.


A sculpture is the fruit of a successful dialogue between the head and the hands.  


All the work is to be attentive to what is happening and to play with the idea of mastery and that of letting go. These two apparently contradictory states find a way to live together in the act of creating.  


Leading  and letting things happen, being attentive and present.

Daily life !

In what area have you experienced this agreement so rich between the head and the hands?  


 I look forward to hearing your thoughts !



We were immersed in the mysteries of patina making...
You shown a great curiosity for the know-how and the background of creation.  
I also received a very nice letter based on the model of mine, making a poetic parallel between the fire of the foundry and the fires of the earth, the Piton de la Fournaise volcano!

...I'll talk to you about my sources of inspiration , my tools, my  artistic "coups de cœur",my new ideas ,in short everything which makes up my work and why it still is and always has been a passion for me. 

See you soon !   


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