Newsletter n°4 - june 2018

Hello Everyone,


 Today, I want to tell you a  personal story about  a painting, an artwork which never leaves no one indifferent...

Art is a fabulous vector of emotions and this painting released in me a real emotional tsunami!


In fact it would be more accurate to talk about an encounter.

I remember ...  

It's summer, it's very hot , I'm 14 years old and I'm alone in this large hall of the Prado Museum in Madrid. 

I had never seen this painting before, in any book. 

It's really a schock.  

I am hypnotized, crushed by the violence an madness that emerge from the canvas.  

Saturn litteraly stands out of the picture, it is the expression of cruelty, monstrosity and torn innocence. 

I'm stunned in front of this work, not so large by the way (57,5"x 32.7") but which, with its brutal force, eclipses all the others and takes up all the space and absorbs the air.


At the Prado that day, I saw only one painting ...only one. 

Like all iconics works, this painting, part of Goya's fascinting black Paintings, has been the subject of numerous analyzes and has inspired many artists.  

Regardless of the mythological theme treated and its multiple interpretations ,this work is especially for me an incredible lesson in painting.  


Indeed Francisco de Goya gave me my first lesson on the power of art, the force of movement and the primordial importance of light and use of chiascuro.

He knew to light darkness in a magisterial and unique way. 


Later, other artists would appear to enrich my artistic fields of interest and also to give me lessons in their own way.  


 But in this so particular encounter, it is an immediate and instinctive approach that has forever rooted this painting in my memory. 


To look at an art work is to give oneself the opportunity to find one's child's gaze, open, without a priori or ready-to-think.

Do not worry about loving or disliking.

Analysis and judgment come second.


Living pure emotion, simply ... 


Art moves, seduces, upsets, questions, makes us dream...
Let it do it...
It helps make us feel human and alive.


Well ... I 've just realized that there is no photo of sculpture in this letter,  definitely ... Saturn still takes all the space ;-)


Has an artwork marked your life  ?

Please, tell me...

  I look forward to hearing your thoughts ...


... in May, I shared with you my passion for Japanese prints and invited you to give me your opinion on these images...  

You liked the subject! 

For some of you it was a discovery and for the others it was the pleasure of plunging back into a world that also fascinate you.  

You told me that Marguerite Yourcenar wrote a short composition entitled " The last love of Prince Genji", published in "Oriental Novels" in 1938.

The book is ordered ! Thank you :-)


... I'll talk to you about my sources of inspiration , my tools, my  artistic "coups de cœur",my new ideas ,in short everything which makes up my work and why it still is and always has been a passion for me. 


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