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I spent some of the last winter in my workshop making new pieces and this year a perfume of Ancient China floated in the air there...

I felt accompanied in my approach by ladies from the court of theTang dynasty !

 I would like to introduce them to you....



Archaeologists call these funeral statues

"Fat Ladies" or "Tang Ladies".

They were made between 618 and 907 AD and have been decorated in different ways over the years.  However, the common thread remains their lively attitude and delicacy.


 They talk, play a musical instrument, hold a bird, manipulate an object, taking us back more than a thousand years, with a lot of fantasy!


    Funeral figurines - Mingqi - in polychrome terracotta  


The extravagant and improbable hairstyles,

the moon shaped faces with red cheeks,

the expressive attitudes and gestures,

the folds of long, flowing dresses,

the pointed shoe tips that stick out!

They enchant me and make me smile...



I find them both funny and touching.

In a nutshell:





For some time now, I've felt like giving my own version of these Tang Ladies, who tell me the story of their lives… 



I focused on the codes mentioned above: Wide sleeves, round faces, shoes, special poses…

They are made of stoneware and for the patina, I wanted them dressed in shades of white, like benevolent little ghosts, from a time gone by, with standards of beauty far away from our time.


Dame T 1 en grès

Dame T. 1 (Lady T.1)  -     Height: 56 cm / 22.05"

Last minute!   Dame T. 1 has gone to settle down under the California sun... 

 Dame T. 2 (Lady T.2) -  54 cm /  21.26 "                  Dame T. 3 (Lady T.3) -  45 cm / 17.72 "


Recently exhibited in my gallery in Gordes, they seem to find their admirers and some of them will soon be done in bronze !

Détail de Dame T 3 en grès


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