Hello everyone,


Sometimes In my gallery, visitors reflect upon the simplicity of my faces, especially about the absence of noses or eyes.

So, I invite this audience to play with their imagination guided by the sketch of an ear, the central edge on a drawn oval, a loosened hair....


It is a form of abstraction in which I fully find myself and which evokes to me certain archetypal forms...



I find a direct filiation in these works whose purity and simplicity of line make a deep impression on me. 



So much to say with so little....


A sketched face, as an opened door!


alt="camy sculptures"

I like to suggest, to leave room for the  imaginary....


So, everything becomes important....

A slight tilt of the head,

A neck a little tight or elongated,

A firm or more subtle line,

Hair that leaves a face clear

A voluminous hairstyle....


I like to create a sculpture that does not reveal itself right away but invites you to look and go around it.. those who have acquired this type of piece.



I also took great pleasure creating these detailed faces, seeking too to give them a little mystery...


Who knows? 


Maybe I'll come back to that!




...Each month I'll talk to you about my sources of inspiration , my tools, my  artistic "coups de cœur",my new ideas ,in short everything which makes up my work and why it still is and always has been a passion for me. 

 See you soon !  


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