LETTER N°31 - May 2021


Hello everyone,

New gallery, new signage!
I am currently preparing the sign that will be placed near the entrance of my new gallery in Gordes.

The choice, after much research, is focused on two projects and that's where you come in!

I have my own views but I would love to hear your opinion :-)


I have chosen golden yellow elements on a dark grey background for greater legibility, on a light wall faded by time.

Sculpture and painting will bring to the fore, as reflected in the graphic design: a lively brushstroke that expresses my interest in gesture, a rounded shape that recalls the work of modelling and sculpture.

Two versions, close to each other, but not with the same dynamics.

project 1:A balancing act

projet 1 equilibre

project 2: Elevation

projet 2elevation 1
situation En
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