LETTER N°25 - September 2020

A waterfall of pebbles !

Hello everybody,

My season, particularly short this year, is ending soon and I will be leaving my gallery in Gordes to find the way back to my studio in Montpellier.

All this summer I have been surrounded by pebbles, on the walls and on the pedestals ...



During the lockdown I made a whole series of inks on paper where colored pebbles play together, splashing and sliding along imaginary waterfalls and glaciers.
I'm very inspired by this subject and I'm going to work on it again this autumn.

INK ON PAPER - Size 69 x 99 cm / 27 x 39 in
camy sculpture collection Galets 4
camy encre galets 1
camy sculpture Collection Galets 2
I like pebbles.
Small, big, round, oval, with simple shapes,
pale, colored, veined...
They tell us a story, the story of time passing,
and speak of erosion, along rivers and seashores.
The more these stones take on the patina of time, the more beautiful they are!



It is an old theme for me because creating my first pebbles goes back to when I was working in marble (see letter number 23).
They allow me to go towards the simplicity of shapes, and to alternate marked lines and the softness of rounded forms.

A subject that comes back, regularly, and has not told the whole story.
It remains for me to listen and to let it arrive...

The pebble below in bronze was first made in white Carrara marble, then I made a mold, in order to make bronze copies.
I still remember the wave-like movement of my hand polishing the top of the marble, for hours ...

Size: 24 x 14 x 9 cm / 9.45 x 5.51 x 3.54 in
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