LETTER N°22 / April 2020


Hello everyone,

In my February letter "A wax star", you came with me to the foundry to discover the preparation of wax pieces and the casting mould.
However, there's still work to be done … It’s now a question of casting the molten bronze!
Back to the foundry!


to protect oneself

Once the wax is melted and the plaster has become refractory after firing,
the mould is ready to receive the molten bronze,
at 1200 degrees.

This delicate operation is carried out by an experienced team where each stage is important.
The bronze is poured into the cylinders and fills the space left empty by the wax that runs out.

a fascinating moment

The cylinders are left to cool down for a while...
Then comes the shaking out process, which consists in taking away the bronze from its shell and removing the inner core.

This is done with a chisel and with water under high pressure, in order to fully strip the piece.
dust in foundry


the raw casting

I often mention to my clients that if they found the piece on the floor, they wouldn't pick it up!
It's a long way from that picture to these ones!

bronzes terminés
whats next

In my next newsletter...
...Each month I'll talk to you about my sources of inspiration, my tools, my artistic "coups de coeur", my new ideas, in short everything which makes up my work and why it still is and always has been a passion for me.

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